Album review: Dune Rats – Real Rare Whale

Audacious surf punks Dune Rats provide the perfect nonsensical summer soundtrack...

Album review: Dune Rats – Real Rare Whale
Rachel Roberts

Alright, time for some fun,’ declare Dune Rats on the opening track to their fourth studio album. They’re not wrong. Dune Rats (or 'The Dunies') are a band that prove music doesn’t have to be fuelled with rage and emotion. Whilst it’s great that more and more bands are exploring their political stances and unearthing their personal traumas through music, it almost seems we’re forgetting to have fun sometimes, and they're here to remind us that sometimes it’s okay to make music that is purely for the shits and giggles.

Real Rare Whale is jam packed with nonsensical and fast tempo surf shack anthems. The album hosts tracks on partying, love, the nostalgic pangs of first crushes and getting unapologetically shitfaced from day drinking. Track Dumb TV feels like it was ripped from an early 2000s angsty teen sitcom, like Disney Channel flipped on its head with the snarly winging lyrics of ‘always staring at the dumb TV’. Drink All Day is another triumph and sees the band toy with warbling bass work, cheeky electric guitar and terrifically lairy vocals.

The standout, though, has to be What A Memorable Night. It nails everything that Dune Rats are about, with wild screams erupting right from the belly of vocalist Danny Beus and back and forth lip-bitingly good guitar. It’s completely messy with melodies that swagger and sway like a modern, edgier sea shanty.

By the time the record comes to a close with If This Is The End it almost feels as though you’re returning from a day of partying on the beach after drunkenly giggling with friends - your skin is sunkissed, your hair salty from the ocean’s waves and your head is full of a euphoric, smile-induced headache. It’s brilliant fun.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Waterparks, Skegss, Wavves

Real Rare Whale is released on July 29 via BMG

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