Album review: LØLØ – falling for robots and wishing i was one

Pop-punk queen-in-waiting LØLØ deals in emotion, smart lyrics and massive songs on anything-but-robotic debut...

Album review: LØLØ – falling for robots and wishing i was one
Isabella Ambrosio

falling for robots and wishing i was one is a testament to emotional and authentic songwriting in a time of TikTok disingenuousness. Brutally honest, shameless, admirable, and relatable, its 15 tracks find Canadian soloist LØLØ recounting a universal, modern torturous situationship to an array of acoustic and electric guitars spanning through alt, indie, pop, pop-rock and pop-punk.

Bouncing between upbeat, mellow and straight-up depressed, LØLØ conveys the emotional turmoil and chaos of unstable relationships, both poetically and harshly. From witty and amusing lines like, ‘Don’t worry darling, you still make me wet / When my tears roll down my cheeks from my eyes onto my chest’ in 2 of us, to ‘He’s a Picasso, how he painted you so black with all his lies’ in gloria she flexes her ability to remain human through her reflective and self-deprecating lyrics.

The instrumentals complement LØLØ’s thoughts and feelings as they too span genres, moods and techniques. Sometimes stripped-back and sometimes smacked straight in your face, these moments push and pull – just like a situationship does.

What’s most admirable here is its clear ‘fuck you’ to the idea that women are overly emotional. She knows she’s emotional, she knows it, owns it. That is what makes her human, and her previous partners, robotic. A vulnerable type of songwriting that is desperately needed when it feels like the world has become numb to how people treat one another.

And that lands LØLØ smack dab in the middle of the pop-punk scene – she has the anger, sadness and angst that is so often embedded into punk. Previously stating she thought she "just had too many emotions and am overly sensitive," it couldn’t be further from the reality. We need artists like LØLØ to bear their hearts to help fill ours.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Charlotte Sands, Olivia Rodrigo, Paramore

falling for robots and wishing i was one is released on June 7 via Hopeless

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