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The News Gojira have unleashed another new single, Into The Storm

Listen to Gojira’s new single Into The Storm, ahead of the release of upcoming album Fortitude later this month.

The News Gojira share new single Amazonia, launch fundraising initiative

Watch Gojira’s powerful new video for Amazonia, and get involved with the band’s star-studded initiative to benefit The Articulation Of Indigenous Peoples Of Brazil (APIB).

Features 11 bands who wouldn't be here without Sepultura

Here are 11 bands who owe it all to Sepultura, the boys from Brazil…

Features Manager Kristen Mulderig: "I always wanted to show that I can do exactly what you can do – and I bet I can do it better"

Kristen Mulderig has spent two decades managing some of the biggest names in metal. Here she discusses her intro to the industry, the challenges of music being free’ and shares advice for young women looking to get started…

The News Joe Duplantier on the meaning behind the title of Gojira's new album, Fortitude

Gojira vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier opens up about the meaning behind the band’s upcoming seventh record, Fortitude.

Features Inside Gojira's new metal masterpiece… and their fight for our future

French metal titans Gojira have battled apathy and ignorance their entire career. As long-overdue seventh album Fortitude rears up Kaiju-like on the horizon, however, frontman Joe Duplantier stresses the need, now more than ever, for humanity to face up to our spiral towards self-destruction…

The News Gojira announce new album Fortitude, unleash huge single Born For One Thing

Watch the video for Gojira’s brilliant new single Born For One Thing, taken from their highly-anticipated seventh record Fortitude.

Features Why 2021 will be a watershed moment for rock music

This year is going to be the most jam-packed 12 months of album releases that rock has ever seen. Here’s why…

Features 20 rock and metal songs to welcome in winter

From Woods Of Ypres to Weezer, we present the perfect soundtrack for the darkest evenings of the year…

Features The 20 Best Guitar Solos Of The 2010s

Here are the 20 most riveting wheedlie-deedlies of the past decade.

The News Gojira Return With New Standalone Single, Another World

Listen to Another World, Gojira’s thundering new standalone single.