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The News Bruce Dickinson recorded the new Iron Maiden album on crutches

And his foot injury meant the Iron Maiden singer had to fake” being able to move properly on tour…

The News Iron Maiden had “no idea” how Senjutsu would turn out

Bruce Dickinson says Iron Maiden hadn’t even thought about doing a double album when they went into the studio…

The News Bruce Dickinson: How Rammstein influenced Iron Maiden's new video

Bruce Dickinson, recalls how Rammstein’s Deutschland video influenced Iron Maiden’s animated epic for The Writing On The Wall.

Features The Way Of The Samurai: Uncover the secrets of Iron Maiden’s new album, Senjutsu – the only interview

In a world-exclusive interview, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson reveals how the band’s 17th album, Senjutsu, came to be, how they managed to keep it under wraps, and much more.

Features Iron Maiden: Everything you need to know about their new album, Senjutsu

Iron Maiden’s upcoming album Senjutsu is just around the corner. Here’s what you need to know before it’s released this autumn.

The News Iron Maiden announce new album, Senjutsu: "The songs are very varied, and some of them are quite long"

Here’s everything you need to know about Iron Maiden’s upcoming 10-track double-album Senjutsu – the follow-up to 2015’s The Book Of Souls…

Features The first reaction to Iron Maiden’s new single, The Writing On The Wall

Iron Maiden have just released their first new music in six years and it’s not what anyone was expecting. Here is our first reaction to The Writing On The Wall and what it could all mean.

The News Iron Maiden return with first new music in six years, The Writing On The Wall

Iron Maiden are back! Watch the incredible animated video for the band’s new single The Writing On The Wall.

The News Iron Maiden: Bruce Dickinson invites fans to Belshazzar's Feast on July 15

Get ready, Iron Maiden fans: Bruce Dickinson says that later this week you’re invited to Belshazzar’s Feast – but your mum can’t come…”

Features 16 rock and metal bands who've never let their fans down

We asked you guys to tell us who you think the most consistent rock and metal bands on the planet are. Here’s what you had to say…

The News Has the internet just discovered the secrets to a new Iron Maiden album?

Are Iron Maiden cryptically teasing a follow-up to 2015’s The Book Of Souls? The internet certainly seems to think so…

Features 9 bizarre metal cover versions that actually happened

We can’t believe these covers of classic metal songs exist… but here they are!