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Features Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns changed the way we think about concept albums

Linkin Park stretched boundaries by thinking big on their multi-concept” epic that – even a decade later – continues to divide and bewilder…

Features The most important gateway songs in rock, as chosen by the fans

From Linkin Park to Guns N’ Roses to Paramore, these are the songs that have turned millions of people into fully-fledged rock and metal fans. And to be fair, they’re all bangers.

Features The story of nu-metal in 14 songs

From great beginnings to glorious success, your 14-point map of how nu-metal changed the world…

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Have to perform in front of a small room of tipsy friends? Here are 12 surefire metal songs that will slay at karaoke…

The News Chester Bennington remembered, four years on

The world pays tribute to Linkin Park’s iconic vocalist Chester Bennington, four years on from his passing.

Features The 20 most powerful Chester Bennington lyrics, as chosen by you

We asked you all to tell us the Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington’s most powerful lyrics and what they meant to you.

Features The alumni of Kerrang! The Album: Where are they now?

We track down the 39 bands who made up the Kerrang!: The Album, showcasing the very best that rock’s new millennium had to offer…

Features 16 rock and metal bands who've never let their fans down

We asked you guys to tell us who you think the most consistent rock and metal bands on the planet are. Here’s what you had to say…

The News Nandi Bushell shares powerful Linkin Park cover, band respond

After discovering Linkin Park and nu-metal recently, Nandi Bushell has tackled the band’s mega-hit Numb on drums…

Features “We got so sick of bands playing it safe the whole time”: The story of Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party

Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, another curveball: Linkin Park returned to riff-focused heaviness inspired by reflections on their past – and the help of a few famous friends, too – on The Hunting Party…

The News Linkin Park's In The End is the first nu-metal song to pass one billion Spotify streams

Linkin Park’s mega Hybrid Theory single In The End has now surpassed one billion streams on Spotify” according to Chart Data.

The News South Park: TikToker goes viral for covering Linkin Park, Green Day in style of Cartman

Watch musician Fernando Ufret’s CARTMANCOUSTIC’ covers of Linkin Park, Green Day and more.