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Features The shifting seasons of Linkin Park, as told through their iconic music videos

Unpicking Linkin Park’s journey from nu-metal megastars to revered mainstream-rock titans via their definitive music videos…

The News Mike Shinoda: Nu-metal went from being corny to the coolest thing again

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda reflects on his journey within nu-metal, and how genres experience difference levels of popularity at different times.

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There’s much more to Linkin Park than big singles and their first two albums – as this rundown of their most underrated songs proves…

The News Mike Shinoda reflects on Linkin Park's most "polarising" album

Mike Shinoda recalls how Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns got one or five stars by everybody” in reviews, resulting in their most polarising” record.

The News Watch Mike Shinoda's new video for Happy Endings featuring iann dior and UPSAHL

Mike Shinoda’s wonderfully infectious latest single with iann dior and UPSAHL now has an official video.

The News Mike Shinoda releases Happy Endings featuring iann dior and UPSAHL

Hear Mike Shinoda, iann dior and UPSAHL team up on infectious new single Happy Endings.

The News Mike Shinoda is releasing a new single this Friday

Mike Shinoda announces new single Happy Endings featuring iann dior and UPSAHL.

Features Why Mike Shinoda is one of rock's true good guys

We examine why Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda might be one of the best dudes on the planet

The News Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and Trivium's Matt Heafy to collaborate on a new song via Twitch

Mike Shinoda has announced that he’s going to be working on a new song via Twitch with Trivium’s Matt Heafy.

Features The story of Linkin Park's One More Light: “The most important thing to do is to connect with the people you love…”

What started life as a simple song title would soon become words in which millions would take comfort, and through which the spirit and soul of Chester Bennington would forever be remembered…

The News Mike Shinoda offers to produce fans' music live on Twitch

Mike Shinoda has announced a new Twitch-based project in which he’ll produce fans’ music live on his channel.

The News Deftones Drop Mike Shinoda Remix Of Passenger

Listen to Mike Shinoda’s impressive Passenger remix from Deftones’ upcoming Black Stallion release.