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Features Walter Schreifels: My life in 10 songs

Quicksand frontman and New York hardcore legend Walter Schreifels guides us through some highlights from his extensive back-catalogue…

Features The 50 best albums from 2001

From Slipknot and Sum 41 to Tool and Tenacious D, we rank the greatest albums from the year 2001

Features Drugs, violence and social decay: The making of New York hardcore

Against a backdrop of social inequality, New York became the standard-bearer for a form of musical rebellion that endures four decades later. We talk to the people who were there to find out why and how it happened…

Features The story of post-hardcore in 14 songs

From the Washington DIY scene of the 80s to Sweden’s new noise to the basements of Bridgend, this is the (still ongoing) evolution of post-hardcore…