BABYMETAL reflect on becoming a duo: “We decided, ‘Let’s put in everything we’ve got’”

MOAMETAL reflects on the departure of YUIMETAL in 2018, and how she felt “reassurance” to keep BABYMETAL going with SU-METAL by her side.

BABYMETAL reflect on becoming a duo: “We decided, ‘Let’s put in everything we’ve got’”
Emily Carter

In the brand-new spring issue of Kerrang!, we welcome the incredible BABYMETAL back to the cover to learn all about their upcoming album THE OTHER ONE.

And, as well as finding out about what went into the record following their year-long break as well as the global pandemic, the duo also reflect on how they decided to continue as a band in the first place, following the departure of YUIMETAL in 2018.

“When we decided that it would be the two of us, I remember feeling scared of the audience and the way they looked at us,” MOAMETAL admits. “There were times when I would feel doubt in their eyes and I even started to doubt if the decision we made was a mistake.

“But discussing with SU-METAL,” she continues, “we both agreed that it wasn’t, and we shouldn’t run away. We decided, ‘Let’s put in everything we’ve got and move forward.’ It would be a lie if I said I didn’t feel uneasy at the time, but knowing that SU-METAL was with me gave me reassurance and it wasn’t just me that felt anxious. SU-METAL and I have always been there for each other and we both know that this is what has allowed us to come this far.”

Since then, of course, BABYMETAL also found themselves struggling as COVID happened and their “normal” lives were completely disrupted.

“As BABYMETAL’s activities are based on meeting people and sharing happy times through music, we, like many others, were deprived of our normal daily lives due to the pandemic,” says SU-METAL. “Not being able to go on tour that we had been looking forward to and not being able to do live shows like before was mentally difficult for us. It made me anxious because all of a sudden, our ‘normal’ was no longer normal, and it was a big reminder of how much we have been really supported by [our fans].”

Get your copy of Kerrang!’s spring issue now to read the full interview. And why not pick up a limited-edition bronze vinyl of BABYMETAL’s new album!

THE OTHER ONE is released on March 24 via Cooking Vinyl. BABYMETAL tour the UK with Sabaton from April 14.

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