Bad Rabbits’ track-by-track guide to new album Garden Of Eden

From rebounds to rizz, vocalist Fredua Boakye reveals the meaning behind every song on Bad Rabbits’ new album Garden Of Eden…

Bad Rabbits’ track-by-track guide to new album Garden Of Eden
Fredua Boakye

It’s been a five-year wait for Bad Rabbits’ brilliant, 4/5-rated new album Garden Of Eden. So naturally we had to ask Fredua Boakye a bit more about each track on the record – and the vocalist didn’t disappoint…

1Garden Of Eden (feat. Enter Shikari)

“It describes what you go through when you battle with self-doubt. It’s a song about having patience and learning to believe in yourself. Rou Reynolds adds his vocal expertise and lyrical greatness to this song, echoing the same sentiments as myself.”

2Goin Up

“This was clearly meant to show that Bad Rabbits really aren’t going anywhere; in fact, this song is our testament to our evolution and our will to continue.”


“Your typical fun Bad Rabbits song. But it also gives that ‘fuck around and find out’ vibe. A track for the fighters, the boxers, the sportsmen/women.”

4Let Me Rock

“This is another fun track that hints at persistence and having swag or ‘rizz’ – that’s what the kids say now. The ending of this track is cool as fuck.”

5The Getaway

“It’s about running into a person who is right and wrong for you at the same time. An introduction to lust but a realisation that lust won’t ever turn into love. You’re a rebound, have your fun and move on.”

6Freedom (feat. Polyphia)

“Written from wisdom, self-love and pain. Life throws everything at you and you can feel overwhelmed or even failed. But you have the freedom to look inward and change whatever life throws at you. Tim Henson ends this song with a solo that would make Prince nod in heavenly approval. It just brings the song full-circle and we are forever grateful to have him featured on the track.”


“A simple song describing how you should love. Your typical boy-meets-girl love song. But throw some Afrobeats in the mix…”


“This is about having the will to change your outcomes. Realising that you can move at whatever pace you want – just keep moving!”

9Good Love

“Another love song in a sense, more about passion almost forming into lust but not devolving into it. Something to play at night with your partner.”

10In Love & Plane Crashes

“It’s a song about reflections on your past, solutions to regrets and instructions on how to repair yourself. An audible depiction resilience after failure. The ending is my favourite part: the ‘Carry on’ is meant to push you to keep going, because we want you to keep going.”

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