Biffy Clyro Will Release Their New Album In The "First Half Of Next Year"

Biffy Clyro's forthcoming eighth album is due out in the "first half" of 2020.

Biffy Clyro Will Release Their New Album In The "First Half Of Next Year"

After last month's exciting update that "things are heating up" in the vocal department with regards to a new Biffy Clyro album, the band have now confirmed roughly when we'll get to hear it.

Speaking to NME, bassist James Johnston revealed that record number eight will be coming in "the first half of next year".

"I can tell you that much without getting locked up," he said. "We’ve had the MTV Unplugged album and this year we had the Balance, Not Symmetry soundtrack album. By the time this record comes out it’ll be three albums in three years and I think that’s quite a good return.”

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James' words follow his previous comments that Biffy's Rich Costey-produced new LP is “a work in progress and quite an overyielding beast at the moment, but we’ll get it into shape over the next few months. I mean, to be honest, Balance, Not Symmetry ended up being not particularly cinematic. To me, it was more like an album made by a bunch of different bands. There’s a lot of rock songs, verses and choruses on there. It’s probably the least soundtrack-y soundtrack album that has ever been made.

“But, it’s definitely a lot more rocking on this album. It’s definitely a lot more rocking than Ellipsis was.”

Frontman Simon Neil also recently told NME of its potential sound and feel: “Our next album will be a reaction to the acoustic album, it’s going to be like a tight fist. We went on tour for the unplugged record we made, I’ve played a lot of acoustic guitar the past year so I’m ready to plug in and make a racket.”

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