Bring Me The Horizon’s older albums are back on streaming

After seemingly disappearing from streaming services, Bring Me The Horizon have confirmed that their pre-Sempiternal records are back on Spotify… phew!

Bring Me The Horizon’s older albums are back on streaming
Emily Carter

If you've been thinking, since Bring Me The Horizon's amazing throwback show in Malta, about giving the band's early albums a spin again, you might have noticed that some of them had disappeared from streaming for a little while. But good news! They're officially back…

Fans have been quizzing BMTH for a few weeks now about the missing records, with the band's Matt Kean tweeting late last month, "Dunno what’s going on with Spotify, it’s not our doing." Thankfully, whatever had happened has now been fixed, and 2006 debut Count Your Blessings, 2008 follow-up Suicide Season and 2010's There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret. are all now available to listen to again in all their glory…

Soon, hopefully there'll be even more Horizon added to Spotify, with frontman Oli Sykes telling Kerrang! back in April that they've got some "really sick" demos to work on for the follow-up to Post Human: Survival Horror.

“I had an epiphany moment the other day,” he said. “I felt like nothing we had was good enough, but then I got to sit down and listen to it all with a bit of perspective, and there’s some really sick stuff there.

“It’s not healthy to always be like, ‘We’ve got to raise the bar!’ But at the same time we have to, especially when it feels like there’s more eyes on us than ever. Sometimes we think, ‘Oh, the best thing to do now is to put out a big, stock rock song,’ when all eyes are on you, something digestible that anyone can listen to, but it’s not in our hearts. We want to be progressive; we want to be weird; we don’t want to be a regular band.”

Oli added that the theme of their Post Human series is to “make this thing that feels nostalgic but progressive and futuristic”.

Celebrate by listening to a load of old-school BMTH albums below – here's Count Your Blessings:

And Suicide Season:

And There Is A Hell…

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