Corey Taylor discusses his planned "gonzo horror comedy" movie, Zombie Versus Ninja

Corey Taylor says he isn't interested in creating "Oscar winners"; instead, he wants his movies to be "fun, crazy cult classics".

Corey Taylor discusses his planned "gonzo horror comedy" movie, Zombie Versus Ninja
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After announcing in February that he'd completed work on a whopping five film scripts, Corey Taylor has discussed his plans for what seems to be one of his main focuses: Zombie Versus Ninja.

Speaking to Frightmare HQ (via Blabbermouth), the Slipknot frontman calls his new project a "gonzo horror comedy", enthusing that "it's the kind of fucking movie that I've always loved, and it's the kind of movie that I've always wanted to make".

Corey says the film will start shooting this year, with the musician currently in touch with producers and potential directors as he would be reluctant to take on the latter job himself.

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"It's not that I'm not interested," he explains of the more technical side of filmmaking, "it's that I know that's not my forte. I'm honest enough with myself to realise that if I had wanted to be a director, I would have started learning a long time ago. And I know a lot of people with the kind of ego that they would step in and go, 'Well, it's mine. Blah blah blah.' I'm not that guy. I want it to be good. I want [people] to enjoy what I'm making, because I wanna enjoy it too. And sometimes it's the collaboration that creates something amazing. You have to be flexible enough to realise, like, 'I don't have the chops to do this.' However, that doesn't mean there's somebody out there that does.

"So, for me, as the writer and the producer, now I can find the right person to bring it to fruition and walk with them every step of the way as a collab," he continues. "Let them do their thing, but also know that, in my mind, there's this idea of what I want it to be."

Corey adds: "I don't wanna make Oscar winners. I wanna make fun, crazy cult classics. That's all I care about."

Hell yeah. Watch the full interview below:

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