De'Wayne shares captivating new single and video, Super 8

De'Wayne holds nothing back with his open, infectious new single and video for Super 8.

De'Wayne shares captivating new single and video, Super 8
Emily Carter

Ahead of the release of debut album Stains this Friday (June 18), De'Wayne has shared new single Super 8 – and both the song itself and its accompanying video are absolutely electric.

"This is actually a little embarrassing to write but it says it all in the hook!" he says of the meaning of the track. "I was too nervous to come out and ask so I wrote my girl a song about it and here we are playing it out in this video."

If you want to know what you're getting yourself into before watching Super 8, De'Wayne is referring to the very honest (and incredibly catchy) lyrics: 'I wanna film a porno on a super 8 / I wanna take a Molly, stay up super late / You and me were going through a wreckage, babe / I wanna film a porno on a super 8, super 8, super 8.' Brace yourselves, people…

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In a 2020 interview with Kerrang!, De’Wayne explained why people should check his music out: "I think they need it. There’s a turn happening in alternative music and rock music right now that’s so beautiful and so fresh. It may not look the way people have always envisioned it, but trust me, they should listen. I think they probably prefer really good songs, and if they take a listen to what’s happening right now in this world of new wave, punk, whatever you want to call it, it’s a really good thing. I think they should definitely understand that there’s a big shift going on right now, and we’re a part of it. I hope they will be, too."

Watch Super 8 below:

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