Drowning Pool's Bodies Has Been Mashed Up With Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

This is quite possibly the worst thing ever: Bohemian Rhapsody But It's Bodies By Drowning Pool.

Drowning Pool's Bodies Has Been Mashed Up With Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

Earlier in the week, we were extremely confused by this mash-up of Rammstein's Du Hast and Justin Timberlake's My Love… but YouTuber William Maranci's latest effort is somehow even more jaw-dropping.

The mash-up master has – for absolutely no reason whatsoever – decided to combine Queen's epic Bohemian Rhapsody with nu-metal banger Bodies by Drowning Pool, and it is quite possibly the most painful thing you'll ever put in your ears (even though it sounds like it might actually be quite good?!).

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While William jokes, "The full version of a mashup nobody asked for," in the description, the comments on this monstrosity are even funnier: "Normally I'm impressed by how well two songs fit. Here, I'm impressed with how completely horribly they fit together," writes Ray Murphy. "Just when 2020 couldn't get any worse, William throws this at us," adds Jesse Hague-Wright.

Normally, when reporting on these mash-ups, we'd throw in a couple of comments about the song ourselves. You know, how well it works, what the best bits are… that sort of thing. But, to be perfectly honest, we don't have the strength after this…

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