Exclusive Premiere: Hail The Sun's New Video For The Stranger In Our Pictures

The progressive, post-hardcore band relives memories good and painful in their powerful new music video.

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If you’re stoked to hear Hail The Sun’s upcoming new album, Mental Knife, you’re not alone. The band just finished up their trek on the Vans Warped Tour, which earned them a place on the tour’s latest compilation. Now, the band is getting ready to head out to tour the U.S. with Polyphia and Covet this fall, only a few days after the new record drops on September 28th on Equal Vision Records. It seems like the more the Chico, California, quartet blasts the world with their brand of dynamic, heartfelt post-hardcore, the hungrier everyone gets for it.

Which is we’re so excited to exclusively premiere the third track from Mental Knife, The Stranger In Our Pictures. While Stranger exudes the same empathic power as the album’s previous two singles, Mental Knife and Suffocating Syndrome, the song trades some of those songs’ heaviness for more of the emotional depth and introspection that sets Hail The Sun apart from their peers.

Directed by Michael Rex Carbonell, the video for Stranger takes us through the jagged memories in a photo album: an expression of drummer/vocalist Donovan Melero looking back on his history of addiction from the stable ground of sobriety.

Melero describes the track’s creation:

"When we were tracking this song in the studio, Rex was staying with us in Echo Park, Los Angeles. He heard it, and turned to me and said ‘There has to be a video for this song. This is the one’. It meant so much to me that he cared so much about what we were creating, and the story I was telling about my road to recovery. When it came time for the video, it was a no-brainer that we wanted him to create the vision he saw for it.”

If you’re ready for a deep dive into the human heart, check out The Stranger In Our Pictures below:

Check out the Mental Knife cover art below (NOTE: Kerrang! is not responsible for you getting that blue sigil as a tattoo):

You can pre-order physical and digital copies of Mental Knife here. All dates and links for tickets to their upcoming tour can be found on Hail The Sun’s website and Facebook page.

FEATURED PHOTO: Michael Rex Carbonell

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