Exclusive: Watch the Hypnotic New Video for Blackwater Holylight's Sunrise

Blackwater Holylight, the Portland, Oregon psychedelic quintet, will also release their second album this fall through RidingEasy Records.

Exclusive: Watch the Hypnotic New Video for Blackwater Holylight's Sunrise
Alex Brown

Portland’s Blackwater Holylight have been working extremely hard: The psychedelic quartet put out their debut record just over a year ago, and have just completed the production of their second record, due out this fall on RidingEasy Records. And finally, today, they are premiering a music video for the track Sunrise.

This track has a very sweet, atmospheric vibe that reminisces on the more psychedelic indie rock side of things like Animal Collective, which at times will get heavier as it progresses. It’s never all too heavy though, so it’s nice and easy on the ears. The music video, however, is a whole different story: It’s an interesting one, to say the least: It follows a woman that is murdering various other women throughout its duration, and then takes a selfie with the corpses as soon as she’s done. She doesn’t just murder them in one way, though. She goes from slitting their throats to suffocating them, and everything in between. The most prominent part of this is the more surreal elements to the music video.

Check out the video here:

The video seems to take a lot of inspiration from the Italian Giallo films, especially with the very Dario Argento-esque colors that are flashed out throughout the video. They really fit with the very psychedelic, stoner-vibes that the music sets, but also just makes the murders in the music video stand out that much more. This one is certainly more focused on the video, making a short film with the song being the soundtrack above all else. The video and song will definitely satisfy those who need their stoner rock fix.

Tour dates:


03 London, UK @ DesertFest

04 Liege, BE @ La Zone

05 Berlin, DE @ DesertFest

06 Szczecin, PL @ Storrady

08 Malmo, SE @ Plan B

09 Stockholm, SE @ Undergangen

10 Gothenburg, SE W Truckstop Alaska

11 Esbjerg, DK @ Esbjerg Fuzzfestival

13 Oldenburg, DE @ MTS LP Store

14 Berlin, DE @ Zukunft

15 Vienna, AT @ Aerena Beisl

16 Olten, CH @ Coq'D'or

17 Innsbruck, AT @ PMK


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