GALLERY: CKY, Slaves, Royal Thunder, and Awaken I Am Dominate In Brooklyn, NY

Photographer Jonathan Arevalo captures the madness of four badass bands converging at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, New York.

When we first heard that playful hard-rockers CKY would be touring the U.S. with Jonny Craig’s Slaves, the bluesy-sludgy Royal Thunder, and Australia’s Awaken I Am, we knew we had to see the spectacle for ourselves.

And killer lineup aside, who could turn down a show with such an insane promotional poster?

Cky Slaves Royal Thunder

So we sent photographer Jonathan Arevalo to The Kingsland in Brooklyn, New York, to capture the magic of these four bands performing together on one bill.

Following a local opener — the electronically-tinged metalcore act, The Haunting — Awaken I Am kicked the doors down with an equally energetic and melodic set that got the crowd moving from the get-go.

Next, Royal Thunder took up the reigns and blew everyone’s hair back with their soulful, Southern-tinged sound — undoubtedly thanks, in part, to the sonic wave that vocalist Mlny Parsonz unleashed upon the crowd.

But it wasn’t until Slaves took the stage that the venue filled to max capacity with a crowd that belted out every lyric to every song, in unison with charming frontman — and unbelievably talented singer — Jonny Craig.

At last, CKY wrapped up the evening’s festivities with what they do best: playing big, groove-heavy tunes with a level of enthusiasm that inspire sloppy moshing, chants of “C-K-Y!”, and sheer elation throughout the crowd.

All in all, it was a fantastic night for rock — one that you can relive right now in the images below!

Awaken I Am Kingsland 1

Awaken I Am Kingsland 2

Royal Thunder Kingsland 2018 1

Royal Thunder Kingsland 2018 2

Royal Thunder Kingsland 2018 3

Royal Thunder Kingsland 2018 4

Royal Thunder Kingsland 2018 5

Slaves Kingsland 2018 1

Slaves Kingsland 2018 2

Slaves Kingsland 2018 3

Slaves Kingsland 2018 4

Slaves Kingsland 2018 5

Cky Kingsland 2018 1

Cky Kingsland 2018 2

Cky Kingsland 2018 3

Cky Kingsland 2018 4

Cky Kingsland 2018 5

Cky Kingsland 2018 6

Cky Kingsland 2018 7

Cky Kingsland 2018 8
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