Follow American Excess, Our Ridiculously Heavy U.S. Playlist

Subscribe to the heaviest regularly updated playlist in the world, featuring the finest metal, punk, and hardcore the USA has to offer.

Follow American Excess, Our Ridiculously Heavy U.S. Playlist

Hopefully you already subscribe to our K!13 Spotify playlist, a daily dose of some of the best new tracks from around the world (and if you don’t…get to it!). But now we've got a playlist specifically to satisfy fans of metal, punk, and hardcore...American-style.

With an ear to the vibrating ground, our U.S. team is rounding up the hottest new heavy music to come out of the United States each week. Check in on the playlist every Monday for a fresh batch of 13 new songs that will keep you in tune with the land that invented metalcore and corn dogs (NOTE: Kerrang! can only publicly approve of one of these two creations).

Check out this week's installment below, and FOLLOW the playlist to stay in the loop!

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