Good Guy Andrew WK Pays Fan's Speeding Ticket

...and the police were pretty chill guys about it on Twitter too.

Good Guy Andrew WK Pays Fan's Speeding Ticket

Yesterday a certain Mr Luke Mitchell was hammering it down well known British motorway the M4 while jamming Andrew WK's sweet new single Music Is Worth Living For.

If you've not heard it, check it:

It's an upbeat piece of motivational rock good vibes that is just...undeniable, isn't it? Perhaps now you've heard it you might understand, then, that Luke felt compelled, while listening to the track, to drive maybe a modicum too fast for a moment or two: it's the kind of song that fills a person with a kind of positive emotional energy that has to be released somehow, so while we can't condone Luke's moment of automotive madness, we can certainly understand it.

Luke's momentary transgression caught the eye of the 5-0 and their speeding equipment, and as is the way of the world, he incurred a fine of £100 from Her Majesty's boys in blue.

Luke took to Twitter with this tale of woe, and @'d the relevant parties. And with that we learned: Andrew WK is a good guy and the Thames Valley Police are on their Twitter game. Enjoy:

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