Kanye West To The Mars Volta: “We Need To Finish The Album”

Have The Mars Volta been working on music with Kanye West?

Kanye West To The Mars Volta: “We Need To Finish The Album”

It's been over a year now since we last heard any updates on a potential reunion from The Mars Volta, but now a surprising tweet from Kanye West has suggested that they've been working on music… together?

The rapper took to Twitter amid his U.S. presidential bid to tell the El Paso prog-rock legends, "We need to finish the album." Alongside the seemingly out-of-nowhere tweet, he also posted a video soundtracked by The Mars Volta's The Widow.

While Kanye has a brand-new record and movie, DONDA: WITH CHILD, coming out this Friday (July 24), it remains to be seen if The Mars Volta will appear on the release, or if he is simply nudging them to finish their own planned comeback album. Or, as unlikely as it seems, if there really is a collaboration between the band and Kanye coming…

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Of course, Omar Rodrigo Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala disbanded The Mars Volta back in 2013, following 2012's then-final album Noctourniquet. But in summer 2019, Cedric confirmed that the pair would reunite for not just a run-through of their classic material, but plenty of new stuff for fans.

“What it’s not going to be is your ‘fav member lineup’ playing their ‘classic records’ in full etc. Maybe we’ll play old shit, who knows how we feel,” he posted on Twitter.

“Just remember our past campaigns never relied on playing requests or going fully backwards… it’s new shit, new people, left turns, tangent inconsistencies, mazapan dreams and churro wishes. I will say this though, when ORL played me a grip of new shit I fucking cried. Like Claire Daines in Romeo & Juliet cried. Yeah it was fucking weird. It’s in its infancy right now. No deadlines, no ball tripping, no drama, just 2 grown ass men using essential oils and bold new perfumes shooting ideas and scooting their ass across the fucking lawn trying to get rid of these worms.”

Watch this space…

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