Kerrang! Presents: The Definitive Back To School Playlist

Because we know it sucks going back to school after the holidays...

January. It's bloody rubbish, isn't it? It's hard enough to get through at the best of times. Throw in a return to school or college after a prolonged period sat lounging on the sofa enjoying some down time, and that just makes it all the more unpleasant.

Don't worry, we got you. We know them feels. And because we're so good to you, we've put together a brilliant playlist of suitably-themed songs that should help ease the anguish, even if just a little. So if being back in class is bringing you down, or if listening to someone droning on and on about something boring isn't helping 2018 get off to a great start, plug in some headphones and get this lot down your ears. Just don't do it while they're doing said droning. It's important to stress that Kerrang! is in no way responsible for you lot getting into trouble with teachers...

Now that disclaimer is out of the way, turn this up!

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