Listen To Sleeping With Sirens' Heavy New Song, Talking To Myself

Sleeping With Sirens have announced a deluxe edition of How It Feels To Be Lost, and released one of the album's new bonus songs.

Listen To Sleeping With Sirens' Heavy New Song, Talking To Myself

Sleeping With Sirens will be releasing a deluxe edition of their 2019 album How It Feels To Be Lost – featuring three acoustic tracks plus a heavy new single, Talking To Myself.

The band will be releasing the full record on August 21 via Sumerian Records (pre-order it here), but the heavy, breakdown-filled Talking To Myself is available to stream below right now.

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It's no wonder that SWS have opted to give How It Feels To Be Lost the deluxe edition treatment, with Kerrang! praising the album in our review for being "everything fans of the band’s old sound have been asking for, and it’s an act of creative course-correction that’s generated some great results".

Frontman Kellin Quinn also ranked the record as second out of the band's entire discography, explaining: "I don’t want to put this at number one because I feel like that’s cliché (laughs), even though the lyrics and everything are the most relatable to me right now. I put it second because I think that it’s opened a lot of doors for our band again, and I think that it’s definitely inspired me to stay in our lane. When something is working, keep working at it, right? But it’s also inspired me to expand without completely changing our sound.

"I think we’ve found our sound now, and it’s important for us to keep moving in that general direction. Did I get a sense of that while we were in the studio? Yeah, it felt very easy to make. That doesn’t necessarily always happen, but it feels good when an album isn’t tough to make; it just works."

Listen to Talking To Myself below:

The tracklist for How It Feels To Be Lost (Deluxe) is as follows:

1. Leave It All Behind
2. Never Enough
3. How It Feels To Be Lost
4. Agree To Disagree
5. Ghost
6. Blood Lines
7. Break Me Down
8. Another Nightmare
9. PS Missing You
10. Medicine
11. Dying To Believe
12. Talking to Myself
13. Leave It All Behind (Acoustic)
14. Agree to Disagree (Acoustic)
15. Ghost (Acoustic)

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