Live review: Static Dress, London Camden Assembly

Brit post-hardcore champs in the making Static Dress electrify the capital…

Live review: Static Dress, London Camden Assembly
James Hingle
Murry Deaves

In recent times Static Dress have been flexing their muscles supporting the likes of Creeper, Knocked Loose and Funeral For A Friend, but tonight a different proposition greets them: a sold-out headline show in London. It’s the hottest day of the year so far, and it’s only right we get to witness one of the UK's hottest prospects prove why they are worthy of such a title.

First up, JOOLS gets things kicked off and lay the foundation of what tonight is going to entail. It’s a short, sharp set of socially-powered fuzzy indie-punk rock that sees the crowd get reacquainted with the art of jumping around and losing yourself in the music. For a while, you start to feel that it's the Leicester sextet headlining, but it’s just more proof that the scene is brewing with a new wave of incredibly exciting talent.

“London! Split this fucking room,” bellows Static Dress’ charismatic frontman Olli Appleyard. The Leeds quartet aren’t here to waste time, and an instant foray of flailing bodies erupts from the stage as opener Sweet creates utter pandemonium. We're in Static Dress’ world now, and they’re creating noise so frighteningly unique that it feels like we’re just moments away from it going stratospheric and knocking down the doors of much bigger venues than this.

This is a band laying down the foundations to becoming one of the most ferocious live acts in the scene. It’s controlled chaos, with Olli instigating every act. “Let’s see more stupid shit: more people onstage, more people in the pit, but make sure you catch someone,” he shouts, as we're met with the big burgeoning riffs of Sober Exit and Such A Shame, which have become grade-A anthems for those in attendance tonight.

Despite the carnage, security did not get the memo on what this band are about, trying to prevent the sea of stage-divers, a move that clearly vexes the band. They shrug it off and fire out two brand new tracks from their forthcoming full-length album. They may be new, but the songs – just called C and P for now – show that the best years are yet to come.

With the walls sweating, the bombastic closing number of clean ends with a sea of bodies in the pit, bodies jumping offstage and the band squeezing out every last ounce of energy. Static Dress assault the senses, visually, physically and sonically with a flurry of tailor-made post-hardcore that explodes once it’s played in a live setting. Forget what you hear through your speakers, see this band live to truly appreciate these visceral masterpieces.

Hurry, though – you won’t see them in venues this small anymore.

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