LØLØ shares new single junkie, with Breaking Bad-inspired video

Watch the video for LØLØ’s new single junkie, which pays homage to her favourite TV show Breaking Bad, and specifically a storyline in season two…

LØLØ shares new single junkie, with Breaking Bad-inspired video
Emily Carter

Following February's awesome tune debbie downer, LØLØ is back with another new single: junkie.

She shares of the meaning behind her latest effort: “Everyone says the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well – I have a problem. I’m addicted to someone who is awful for me in every way. I tell myself I’m moving on, and that I’ll never go back, but I know deep down that I’m never really done with them. I have no control over it. They have an effect on me that I can’t really put into words. But I wrote junkie as an emotional outlet the best I could to try and rid myself of this person once and for all.”

Of the accompanying Jake Johnston-directed music video, LØLØ continues, “If you know me, you know my favourite TV show of all time is Breaking Bad. The first week I moved to LA, I met Aaron Paul [Jesse Pinkman] at a BevMo. He was the nicest person ever and recorded a video with me, which I then posted on TikTok. After it went viral, I had tons of comments saying I looked like Jane – his love interest from season 2.

“At the time, I was trying to come up with music video ideas for junkie, and then it clicked. Jesse and Jane’s storyline in the show fits in so well with all the lyrics of junkie. Not only were they extremely toxic for each other – sadly – but they were actual junkies, too. It was really fun transforming into Jane and getting to act.

“My director, Jake Johnston, carried out my vision perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Not only did we use the exact same camera that they used to make Breaking Bad, but there will also be some fun little Easter eggs for fans of the show. For those who didn’t see the show, the video will tell a story of a couple battling addiction – to substances and to each other.”

Check it out:

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