Master of Merch Teejerker Announces New Collection

Is 'Master of Merch' a bit much? It's certainly catchy...

Our pal Matt Sloane over at Teejerker has been rooting around for new old tees again! Tonight at 6pm UK time he's dropping a big new collection on his site, but he was kind enough to give us a sneak-peak of it in the gallery above.

Yeah, we know what Dee Snider yesterday said about vintage tees on celebs, but we also know that Matt's a real fan and collector, and that his heart's in the right place with this whole enterprise. He's sold to other people whose hearts are in the right place too: Travis Barker, members of Nothing, Basement and Obey the Brave have all bought shirts from him in the past. Speaking to us back in August, he put it thus:

"There definitely nostalgia around owning any physical item from a past subculture you relate to, even if you weren’t there at the time - an original press of a record is one thing but a shirt which has been loved by a metalhead/grunger/punk from years ago is awesome. This ties into the unique wear and fading on a vintage tee, when a black tee has turned light grey you know that shirt has really lived, I think that’s pretty cool."

We're inclined to agree. Go get a tee from him right here.

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