Now Hear This: Daniel P. Carter on the best new post-rock, hardcore and goth-punk

Radio 1 Rock Show host Daniel P. Carter brings you the new bands you need to check out now, including SOM, L’exquisite Douler and Rest Easy...

Now Hear This: Daniel P. Carter on the best new post-rock, hardcore and goth-punk
Daniel P. Carter

Since I last did one of these, the world has become awash with excited talk about the return of live music in some form, and it's looking like there's a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, here are some bands to check out and potentially fall in love with…


Post-rock super-collective SOM feature alumni of Caspian, Junius and Constants. Their EP Awake is about to be released as a follow-up to their brilliant debut The Fall. If the idea of Massachusetts-based glacial post-rock that at times feels like Deftones at their most shoegazey, then go check out Awake // Sedate, or order the vinyl from their Bandcamp.

Rest Easy

If, like myself, you hold long-gone Philly punks Kid Dynamite as one of the pinnacles of hook-laden, hardcore-infused punk rock and you've worn their two incredible studio albums through, then rest easy, as the band named Rest Easy are here to help you out. Based out of Vancouver and featuring members of Daggermouth and Shook Ones, their new EP Sick Day is a furious blast of old-school goodness that will tick the KD box nicely. Four tracks are getting a couple of tasty colour-variant pressings on seven-inch via Mutant League Records. Go listen now. It’s rad.

L’exquisite Douleur

L’exquisite Douleur take their name from the French term for the pain one feels when wanting someone who doesn’t love you in return. The south-Florida quintet sound like peak early-2000s emo with the added goth aesthetic of someone like Alkaline Trio, My Chem or either of Mr. William Gould’s current bands. Fans of all of those, I’m sure, will get it straight away. It's super early days for the band with only a couple tunes online, but it's worth keeping an eye on them.

Pupil Slicer

Now for something truly nasty, heavy and beautifully mathy. Pupil Slicer from London are a three-piece that will tick the box for fans of Gojira, Dillinger and Converge. The forthcoming debut album Mirrors comes out next week, and shows their mix of death, grind and math perfectly. You can listen to the frenetic Interlocutor now online or check out the video for Wounds Upon My Skin below.

Genghis Tron

Not new, but they may as well be, seeing as they've been away for so long. In 2010 the incredible Genghis Tron went on indefinite hiatus. Fast-forward to now and that hiatus is over and the release of their third studio album is imminent. Their last record, Board Up The House from 2008, was an exercise in frenetic experimental electronic metal that still stands as a fantastic release. The band's original vocalist Mookie Singerman has been replaced by The Armed’s Tony Wolski, and the album also sees Baptists' incredible drummer Nick Yacyshyn joining to replace the drum machines they’d always used. The result of this new line-up is the crushing, hypnotic and psychedelic new album Dream Weapon. If you never went there before and you’re a fan of forward-thinking trippy heavy music then check it out. Incredible stuff.

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