People On TikTok Are Playing Smells Like Teen Spirit… On Woks

Stuck at home but still wanting to jam along to your favourite songs? TikTok users have been finding their woks and frying pans pretty useful…

People On TikTok Are Playing Smells Like Teen Spirit… On Woks

TikTok has already given us hours of entertainment while we're all stuck inside and self-isolating – from Jack Black's Quarantine Dance to this Fall Out Boy-loving teacher.

Now, another new craze is distracting us from the weirdness of the outside world: users performing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit with their kitchen utensils.

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It first came about through @j.a.n.e.t85, who posted a video of herself getting a frying pan out the cupboard, laying it down on the hob ready to start cooking, and realising it sounded an awful lot like the intro to …Teen Spirit. And of course, there's only one valid response once you hear that noise: to start headbanging immediately.

Now, hundreds of people are getting involved, using their woks, saucepans and anything else in their kitchen to pretend to emulate the sounds coming from Kurt Cobain's guitar, and Dave Grohl's drums. We are very much into it.

Here's the original:

And some of our other favourites:

Nice work (or should that be wok?), everyone.

It kinda reminds of us of this classic video…

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