Quiz: How well do you know Foo Fighters' lyrics?

Are you a Foo Fighters fanatic? Well, test your lyrical knowledge in this fiendish quiz!

Quiz: How well do you know Foo Fighters' lyrics?
Mike Rampton

Dave Grohl has done a lot in his day. He’s been in more bands than most people have had hot dinners, and seems able to write monstrously huge arena-filling songs in his sleep. He’s done all this while amassing awards, maintaining the Nicest Guy In Rock title for several decades and still looking about 25. Dude’s a ledge.

How well have you been listening, though? Have you made your way through Foo Fighters' stadium-shaking guitars and earth-shattering drums to the words themselves? Find out!

If you can’t see the quiz below, please click here to play. Scroll down for answers.

Didn't quite get 10/10? Here are the answers to see where you tripped up...

Foo Fighters lyrics quiz answers

1. Matters
2. Monkey Wrench
3. 40
4. My Hero
5. 'Visiting is pretty'
6. 'Plays'
7. 'When there’s nothing left to use'
8. “Fuck you, Darrell.”
9. St. Cecilia
10. They burned

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