Rob Zombie Pays Tribute To Sid Haig One Year After His Death

On the one-year anniversary of Sid Haig's death, Rob Zombie has paid tribute to the late, great actor.

Rob Zombie Pays Tribute To Sid Haig One Year After His Death

To mark the one-year anniversary of legendary actor Sid Haig's death, Rob Zombie has shared several photos of the pair working together throughout the years, as well as some brilliant fan tattoos of Captain Spaulding.

“Been one year since our old buddy Sid left us,” Rob writes. “Hopefully Spaulding will keep him alive for the next generation to enjoy his work.”

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Giving context to the photos of he and Sid, he continues: “Pic 1 is our first meeting for his Spaulding wardrobe fitting back in 2000. Second pic is from 2005 shooting the The Devil’s Rejects and finally our last time together shooting his scene in 3 From Hell on March 14, 2018.”

Following Sid's passing on September 21, 2019, Rob took to social media to mourn the loss of the actor.

“It was shocking but unfortunately not unexpected,” he explained. “I’ve known for a long time how sick Sid was and what he was battling. Over the past year as I saw pictures of him still attending conventions I thought perhaps he had beat it, but last week when he returned to the hospital I feared the worst.

“Sid and I had a long talk on the day that he told me of his condition and he knew 3 From Hell would most likely be his last appearance on screen. Sadly it was. I knew it was very important to Sid that Captain Spaulding make one more round and he did. Sid’s time the film is brief. He was in rough shape that day, but he gave it his all and made his scene very memorable.

“I was fan of his as a kid watching Jason of Star Command all the way through our 20 years of working together. I can still clearly remember the first time we met. It was at the Edith Head Costume building at Universal. Sid came out of the dressing room wearing a clown suit which was a few sizes too small. We said hello then we both started laughing at how ridiculous he looked in his ill-fitting suit. We would find him a much better suit.

“As we were making House Of 1000 Corpses neither of us knew he was creating a character that would live on and grow in popularity every year. Sid told me many times how thankful he was for the Captain and how that character changed his life. He had completely given up on acting and now suddenly had found a whole new audience at the age of 60. I know he was thrilled and blown away by that fact.

“The Captain is gone… but he will never be forgotten.”

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