Rob Zombie Says No Movie Is Too Sacred To Remake

Rob Zombie says you should be able to remake any movie, as long as it's for the right reasons

Rob Zombie Says No Movie Is Too Sacred To Remake
Alfred Nitsch

Heavy metal's master of horror Rob Zombie released his new movie 3 From Hell this week, the long-awaited follow-up to 2005's The Devil's Rejects.

During the the 14 year wait for the sequel, Rob has directed remakes of both Halloween and Halloween II, which some horror purists see as sacrilege. But, speaking to Muse TV on the red carpet for 3 From Hell, Rob posed the idea that no movie was too sacred to remake.

"I don't like thinking like that," said Rob. "Because if I thought like that, I'd go, well, they would have never made Dracula with [Bela] Lugosi, because they would have stopped at Nosferatu. Then they would have never made Dracula with Christopher Lee, because they would have said, 'Oh, you can't do…' I used to think more like that. But then I thought, like, 'Fuck it!'"

Rob continued: "If you do it for the wrong reasons, yeah, it'll be awful... But if you really do it for the right reasons, anything can work. I mean, some movies are hard — like, I wouldn't wanna try to remake Jaws or The Shining or something, because sometimes things have just become so iconic that it's not gonna happen. But I don't like to think… Nothing's sacred."

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Last week, Rob announced he was releasing a new album in early 2020. He's also up for making a House Of 1,000 Corpses musical. Because why not!

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