Scene Queen shares wild new single and video, Pink G-String

Scene Queen pays tribute to 2000s pop culture icons with “outright fun” new single and video, Pink G-String.

Scene Queen shares wild new single and video, Pink G-String
Emily Carter

Following this year's Bimbocore EP, Scene Queen is continuing to be one of the most fun and provocative artists around right now – case in point: wild new single and video, Pink G-String.

Says the musician – real name Hannah Collins – of her latest effort: "With my music, I try to live at an intersection of old scene elements, modern beats, and 2000s nostalgia. This song I think is the most representative of that. I play off of old scene sounds like millionaires and brokencyde, mixed with modern trap and metal elements. But it’s all wrapped up in a Y2K themed bow.

"The entire song is inspired by 2000s pop culture icons like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan etc. and the video shows that. This track is just outright fun."

Watch the video for Pink G-String below:

Catch Scene Queen on the Bimbocore Bimbo tour later this year:


1 The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA
3 Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA
7 Blackbox @ Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
8 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
10 Middle East – Upstairs, Boston, MA
15 Subterannean, Chicago, IL
17 Trees, Dallas, TX
18 Globe Hall, Denver, CO

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