Stream Good Riddance's Biting New Album In Full

Exclusive: Listen to Good Riddance's scathing new record before its release this Friday.

Stream Good Riddance's Biting New Album In Full

Among the speedy, singable punk bands of the '90s, Good Riddance always had a unique role. On the one hand, the Santa Cruz, California, quartet play the kind of bounce-along riffs and rhythms that most associate with pop-punk and skanking in circles at Warped Tour. But Good Riddance were never content with just writing about beer and breakups, and have always had a sense of political discontent that would put most party rockers off. As such, they hold a specific place in the hearts of those who like their punk both delicious and nutritious, with catchy riffs and memorable lyrics that still push a very real message.

The band's new album, Thoughts And Prayers, fits that niche with flying colors. The songs thereon feature driving guitar leads, vocal harmonies, and big ol' choruses. At the same time, they're also packed with stark condemnations of modern America and moments of intense introspection.

Vocalist Russ Rankin gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the topics behind each song on the album:

1. Edmund Pettus Bridge - "This one is about inequality, and the ways it is codified in our current climate of fear, blame, and xenophobia. It is also about hope, recovery, and triumph."

2. Rapture - "This one is about the psychosis which can often drive us to make choices which, in the end, do not serve us, or anybody else."

3. Don’t Have Time - "This one is about trying to make sense of the constant bombardment of competition we exist in, as well as calling out our inexplicable need for attention."

4. Our Great Divide - "This one is about the ways in which our culture tries to divide us by excoriating us to blame each other for our plight."

5. Wish You Well - "This one is about the crushing, vacant, sadness of the end of a relationship. While inspired by a true story, this one could be about anybody’s experience."

6. Precariat - "This one is about the fragile state of human existence in the age of modern capitalism."

7. No King But Caesar - "This one is about oppression and divisiveness, and all of the ways in which these conspire to keep us agitated, confused, and at odds with each other, while all the while serving entrenched wealth and power."

8. Who We Are - "This one is about the pervasiveness of addiction, whether to alcohol, or drugs, and all of the destructive ways it can manifest in our lives."

9. No Safe Place - "This one is about toxic masculinity, male privilege, and the ways in which patriarchal society excuses inappropriate behavior."

10. Pox Americana - "This one is about entrenched ideologues facing a siege from an oppressed majority."

11. Lo Que Sucede - "This one is about what happens when we don’t stick together, or fail to realize our common struggle."

12. Requisite Catastrophes - "This one is about realizing that the parts of our lives which we once regretted can ultimately be turned to good account, and used as motivation.

You can listen to our exclusive stream of Good Riddance's Thoughts And Prayers below.

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