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The News Metallica's Lars Ulrich Says S&M2 Will Be "An Opportunity For New Discoveries"

Metallica must be planning something special for the S&M anniversary shows

The News Metallica's S&M2 Performance Coming To Theaters For One Night Only

Want to see Metallica's S&M 20th anniversary show? It'll be in cinemas for one night only.

The News Metallica Announce Second S&M 20th Anniversary Show To Combat Scalpers

After their first S&M 20th anniversary show's tickets were snapped up by scalpers and bots, Metallica have announced a second date exclusively via their fan club.

Features Symphony Of Destruction: The Story Behind Metallica's S&M Album

20 years ago, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony orchestra gave us S&M. We look back at how it came to be...

The News Metallica Announce S&M 20th Anniversary Show With Full Symphony Orchestra

To honor the 20th anniversary of their S&M album, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra will reunite for a special performance.