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The News YouTube Reveals The Most Popular Music Videos Of The Year

These are the most popular music videos of the year, according to YouTube

The News Here's Mudvayne's Dig, Except It Slows Down 1% With Every 'DENG'

We were listening to Mudvayne’s first big single…when the drugs began to take hold.

The News Watch This Guy Blast Through 80 Rammstein Songs In 8 Minutes

Watch a YouTuber perform 80 Rammstein songs — at least, the parts we all know from them — in just 8 minutes.

The News YouTube Is Upgrading A Bunch Of Classic Music Videos To High Definition

In partnership with Universal, YouTube is giving a bunch of old music videos a thorough polish.

The News Watch Wolf King Obliterate Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar

Watch Californian blackened hardcore act Wolf King lash out at Brooklyn’s legendary Saint Vitus Bar.

The News Check Out Jared Dines Taking His 17 String Guitar To Task

The Youtube guitar hero really goes IN on it.


You don’t need it, but you want it, so you’re going to watch it.