YouTube Is Upgrading A Bunch Of Classic Music Videos To High Definition

In partnership with Universal, YouTube is giving a bunch of old music videos a thorough polish.

YouTube Is Upgrading A Bunch Of Classic Music Videos To High Definition

While it's extremely cool that all of the great music videos of our time are available on YouTube at the click of a button, the digital age has shown us just how grainy and low-definition many of those videos are. Sometimes, classic videos look even worse than they originally did, because they were made for tube TVs and not laptops or HD flatscreens. But now, that will change, as YouTube has announced that it's partnering with Universal to give a bunch of classic music videos a high-definition upgrade.

According to the New York Times, YouTube will give over 1,000 music videos a hi-def update, releasing them into 2020. Kerrang! favorites among those videos will be No Doubt's Don't Sleep, Beastie Boys' Sabotage, KISS's Forever, and a bunch of videos by Billy Idol, including White Wedding and Rebel Yell. Other artists whose videos will be part of this wave of updates will be Lady Gaga, Boyz II Men, The Killers, and Spice Girls.

While some videos have provided YouTube with some difficulties -- for example, the video for Soundgarden's Fell On Black Days had unique audio specific only to the video as was -- the platform overall predicts the update will help revitalize an appreciation for classic music videos among modern fans.

In a public statement via TechCrunch, YouTube's global head of Label Relations Stephen Bryan said, “It’s really an honor to partner with Universal Music Group and change the way fans around the globe will experience viewing some of the most classic and iconic videos. The quality is truly stunning. It’s our goal to ensure that today’s music videos -- true works of art -- meet the high-quality standards that artists’ works deserve and today’s music fans expect.”

The Times points out that even though the videos are being upgraded, they aren't being overly polished; for example, though the Beastie Boys' Sabotage will have a crisper picture, Universal contacted the band and director Spike Jonze to make sure they weren't wiping the video of its 1970s retro vibe.

New, updated videos are set to hit YouTube every week, so keep your eyes peeled.

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