The Hunna share unruly new single Trash

English rock band The Hunna share new track Trash, which will appear on their forthcoming self-titled album.

The Hunna share unruly new single Trash
Zoya Raza-Sheikh

Mark our words, The Hunna are giving it their all in this new one. In their latest explosive song, Trash, the alternative outfit let loose and give the music industry a taste of perspective. Packed with punchy lyrics and riotous spirit, The Hunna have plenty to say.

“We had so much fun writing the lyrics,” vocalist and guitarist Ryan Potter says. “All of us were together, joking around and letting loads out. Even though it has got an angst to it, we don’t take life too seriously, we’re just having fun.

“We’re not calling anyone specific out, it’s just overall industry suckiness. It highlights things we’ve experienced in the industry over the years and things we see going on and hear about now. There’s a lot of bad shit that still goes on in the industry and a lot of it gets swept under the rug. But we’re in the position where we’re on our fourth album, we feel refreshed and confident and this is what we’re going to say. You either like it or you don’t, it’s cool either way. We are who we are.”

Check out the official video for Trash below:

The Hunna’s fourth studio album will land on October 28 via Believe. Check out the self-titled record tracklist below:

  1. The Storm

  2. Trash

  3. Fugazi

  4. Find A Way Out (Back To You)

  5. Circles

  6. Other Side

  7. Take A Ride (Lights, Camera, Action)

  8. Sold My Soul

  9. Sick

  10. You Can’t Sit With Us

  11. Apologies

  12. Untouched Hearts

  13. The Calm

Check out the artwork for The Hunna's self-titled record below:

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