The New Walking Corpse Syndrome Track Slaps Hard

Check out the new rager from the Montana groove metal crew.

The New Walking Corpse Syndrome Track Slaps Hard

Walking Corpse Syndrome are keeping groove metal evil as fuck, and we're here for it. The Missoula, Montana, quintet combine the bounce and sway of Lamb Of God and Slipknot, the harsh riffage of Chimaira and Unearth, and the industrial harshness of Ministry, to form a musical juggernaut that whips the listener into a rabid mosh. That the band have done this under the radar in America's seemingly innocuous "Treasure State" speaks to the band's dedication to ripping metal regardless of the fads and trends running rampant through the scene at large.

The band's new track Ego Infection, from their upcoming EP Embrace The Suffering, is a roller coaster of gnarly, kinetic brutality. Full of destructive double bass drumming, urgent riffs overlaid with dissonant guitar harmonies, and gibbered barks about hopelessness and rage, it's the kind of track that one finds themselves biting their lip and nodding along to while they imagine smashing heads together. That the band sports two drummers is both readily apparent and totally necessary to create music that sounds this fun and vicious at the same time.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Walking Corpse Syndrome's Ego Infection below:

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