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Corey Taylor: Stone Sour Has “Kinda Run Its Course For Now”

The members of Stone Sour have all agreed that they are on “indefinite hiatus”, according to Corey Taylor.

Following on from his comments in June that Stone Sour are “kind of on hiatus”, Corey Taylor has stated with more certainty now that the band have agreed to go on “indefinite hiatus”.

With a year of Slipknot touring still to come, as well as the release of his debut solo album CMFT in October, the musician admits that the members of Stone Sour are focussed on their own things for the time being – but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a comeback one day.

“I feel like Stone Sour has kinda run its course for now,” Corey reveals on The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast. “We all talked as a band and decided to kinda put Stone Sour in indefinite hiatus. That’s the way it is.”

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Previously, he said: “I talked to the guys in the band about the solo thing and what I wanted to do, and they were all totally onboard with it. Everybody else has kind of got things going on, so they’re all cool. Josh [Rand, guitar] is actually working on a solo thing of his own, which is great. So, yeah, I think Stone Sour is kind of on hiatus right now, which is fine.

“If someday we wanna get back together and do some stuff, it’ll be bigger than it was. But for right now, we’re all kind of focused on kind of doing our own thing. But you never say never in this business.”

In May, Josh revealed that he was working on a new side-project, and had “12 songs musically done” for it. He also announced that he was holding auditions and looking at “different vocalists” to front it.

Listen to Corey Taylor’s new interview below:

Posted on August 10th 2020, 5:55pm
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