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Dave Navarro Once Wrote Fiona Apple a Love Letter in His Own Blood

In my deranged head, I viewed it as sending her a message with the blood that pumps through my heart to her.”

As reported by The Face earlier today, apparently one time Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro was once so enamored with Fiona Apple and her dark, painful art that he thought he’d show his appreciation by writing her a love letter in his own blood.

They wrote, “Rewind to December 1997, Jane’s Addiction and Fiona Apple were both on the lineup for the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in LA. It was one that Navarro didn’t even want to play — until he found out Apple was on the bill. ‘That was something I kind of didn’t want to do,’ he told MTV News at the time. “But then I learned that Fiona Apple would be performing, so that to me is a hot spot of the tour. The night of the gig, Navarro revealed in No Encore! that, despite having never met the Paper Bag singer, he wrote a love letter to Apple on her dressing room wall. In blood. It was succinct and read: ‘Dear Fiona, have fun. Love, D.N.”

Later, the DJs at KROQ apparently heard about what he had done, but they didn’t believe it. Not one to be underestimated, Dave called into the radio station on air and explained, “I truly believe that the music Fiona Apple courageously shares with the world comes from the beauty and pain that flows from within her heart. I simply chose to thank her for her honesty by leaving her a little note that comes from the beauty and pain that flows from within my heart…literally.”

In his book, he later looked back on that rather drug-addled period of his life and said, “In the midst of my insanity, I thought it would be a very romantic gesture to go into Fiona Apple’s dressing room, and write a message on her wall in my own blood. In my deranged head, I viewed it as sending her a message with the blood that pumps through my heart to her. It was my life blood that I was symbolically sharing. I thought we would relate on multiple levels, because we’re both passionate musicians and artists. In my head, it was a grand, romantic statement that she would find very touching.”

So far, no word on how Fiona felt about it. In the same article, however, they mention the time Marilyn Manson apparently freaked out when Dave sprayed a syringe of his blood all over his mirror, and immediately called housekeeping to clean it up.

We’re amused by the thought of Fiona being less shocked by his antics than Manson was. Read the rest of the story in The Face for more details.

Posted on August 30th 2019, 4:58pm
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