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Drummer Knocks On Doors In The Style Of Slayer, AC/DC, Metallica And More

As per its title, this incredibly insightful (and kinda catchy) video shows how drummers knock on doors.

If you’re a drummer – or even just musically inclined in any way – you’ll probably have found yourself absent-mindedly tapping along to your favourite beats on desks, work tops, chair armrests and whatever other everyday surfaces you can get your hands on. And, for YouTuber 66 Samus, that also extends to front doors…

The musician – whose real name is Sam Paulicelli, and who drums in Decrepit Birth – has uploaded an amusing video entitled How Drummers Knock On Doors, in which he demonstrates the most effective ways to tap along to the likes of Slayer, Metallica, AC/DC and more while waiting for someone to come and let him inside.

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From Slayer’s Raining Blood to Metallica’s For Whom The Bell Tolls and – hilariously – just any AC/DC song”, 66 Samus puts his skills to good use on several front doors (though hopefully with nearby neighbours who also appreciate metal, otherwise it could get pretty annoying…). 

Personally, we’ll probably give Black Sabbaths Iron Man a go, as it seems like it’s pretty much impossible to get that one wrong. Check it out:

Posted on July 15th 2020, 11:50a.m.
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