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Linkin Park Release Song Pack For VR Game, Beat Saber

Beat Saber players can now experience 11 Linkin Park tracks in far-out VR

As if PlayStation’s Beat Saber game could improve on putting you in a weird, Tron-like VR world where you physically whack beats as they come flying towards you in a sort of dancing/kung-fu hybrid. Well, they have, as today Linkin Park announced that a whopping 11 of their songs will be available to experience in the game, while you swing blindly around the living room wearing a VR headset. Check out the trailer below…

Sadly, there’s no stage where you have to almost fly through the air like in the One Step Closer video, but you can have even more fun playing along to these classic LP cuts…

Bleed It Out
Breaking The Habit
Given Up
In The End
New Divide
One Step Closer
Somewhere I Belong
What I’ve Done

Last week, Linkin Park officially released She Couldn’t for the first time, a track from the Hybrid Theory sessions that didn’t make the final album and has only existed as an unofficial bootleg until now. It’s part of the 20th anniversary edition of that monster-selling debut album, out on October 9, which features, among other goodies like an 80-page book and art prints, 12 previously unreleased tracks.

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Posted on August 18th 2020, 10:29am
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