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Panic! At The Disco Have a New Metal Song

Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie has been working on something heavy.

Not for the first time this year, Brendon Urie has been dabbling in music away from Panic! At The Discos usual theatrical pop-rock – and he’s just dropped a brand-new metal track. (And spoiler alert: it rules.)

The frontman has seemingly been working on all sorts of stuff in his home studio, and he unveiled this recent effort as part of a Twitch live stream on November 15 for his Highest Hopes Foundation charity. 

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While Panic! At The Disco offered up a whole bunch of cool incentives for fans to donate on the stream, once the total hit $75,000 Brendon Urie played a new metal song (twice, actually) for those watching to enjoy. And luckily, people were on hand to record it for your listening pleasure, too. 

Check it out at 5:59 and again at 8:55, and enjoy Brendon’s infectious enthusiasm…

Hell yeah. And big up Panic! At The Disco for raising a massive $134,600.69 for charity – see more on his Highest Hopes Foundation here.

Brendon Urie revealed back in May this year that a follow-up to last year’s Panic! At The Disco album Pray For The Wicked album won’t be too long”.

I thought I would take a little more time off and I’m already starting music,” he told Billboard. Not with anything planned in mind, but just working on some ideas. I can’t help myself, so I don’t think it’ll be too long before another Panic! record.” 

Interestingly, Pray For The Wicked was also created under similar circumstances, with Brendon expecting to take a break after touring and performing in Broadway play Kinky Boots – and instead being drawn into his home studio to work. 

I thought I was going to take a break, and I told myself and my management, I said: The day that I get home, from that day, I want two weeks. I’m not going to pick up my phone, I’m not going to check my email… you guys can’t contact me, I am off the grid! And if I end up alive after that two weeks we can get back to work, but I’m gone!’” he told Kerrang!. So two days went by where I literally was just getting high and playing video games, for two days straight, and it was the best – just laying there so casually, just chilling. And then… ugh… I couldn’t stay away from the studio. So I would just jump to the back yard and just go and do whatever was inspiring to me.”

Posted on November 18th 2019, 10:00a.m.
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