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Taake Show Cancelled After Racism Allegations

The allegations primarily arise from the band’s one continuous member, Hoest, performing with a swastika painted on his chest in 2007.

Black metal band Taake’s forthcoming North American tour has been met with at least one cancellation so far after allegations of racism were leveled at the band. Lambgoat have reported that the March 24 opening show at Le Poisson Rouge in New York has been cancelled after pressure from concerned groups.

The allegations primarily arise from the band’s one continuous member, Hoest, performing with a swastika painted on his chest in 2007. He has apologised for the incident in the past and claimed it was meant to “incite a reaction”/a joke. However, lyrical content viewed by most people as being pretty overtly anti-Islamic doesn’t exactly paint him in the best light either. 

Lyrics in their song ‘Orkan’ (Hurricane) include the phrase “To hell with Muhammad and the Mohammedans” and their “unforgivable customs”, whilst the song finishes on the line, “Norway will awaken”. 

He has previously defended himself with a “I hate all religion”-type argument in the past, but this back print on a Taake shirt from a few years back certainly singles out Islam in no uncertain terms:

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(image via T Shirt Slayer)

Other venues are under pressure to cancel the band’s other planned dates.

Posted on February 16th 2018, 11:14am
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