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Talinda Bennington Announces Engagement: “You Can Find Love After Tragedy”

Talinda Bennington – the widow of late Linkin Park frontman Chester – has announced her engagement to new fiancé Michael.

Congratulations are in order for Talinda Bennington – the widow of late Linkin Park frontman Chester – who has announced that she is engaged.

In a moving statement posted online regarding the news, the mental health activist wrote about how “you can find love after tragedy”, following Chester’s devastating passing in July 2017.

I am overjoyed to announce my engagement to my angel on earth, Michael F. I am here to tell you that you can find love after tragedy,” Talinda says. “That a death of a soulmate does not mean the death of you.”

Talinda also wrote about how her family, friends and Linkin Park brothers “welcome him to the family with open arms”.

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Of course, the post didn’t come without referring directly to Chester, and Talinda says how she will “continue to honour” her late husband, as well as continuing her “life’s mission to make his passing not in vein”.

Congratulations, Talinda! Read the full post below:

Later reposting a news story from People.com, Talinda added: “The support of the media is meaningful . Thank you for helping to spread the positivity and happiness my family and I have found.”

Posted on September 9th 2019, 10:49am
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