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This Thursday: Watch Touché Amoré Go Wild In The K! Pit

This Thursday we’ll be streaming Touché Amoré’s raucous K! Pit set from Brooklyn – back in a pre-pandemic age…

Remember gigs? They were good, weren’t they? Hanging out with your mates, watching your favourite band, sinking a few drinks and bellowing along with huge choruses… it feels like years since our last show.

In reality, it’s been about six months, and since just before The World Ended, we’ve had this Touché Amoré set from the Brooklyn K! Pit in our back pocket, ready and waiting for the opportune moment… which is now! Well, actually it’s, in two days’ time.

Ahead of their their fifth studio album Lament – due for release on October 9 – we’ll be streaming Touché Amoré’s frenzied, intimate show from our Brooklyn K! Pit residence, with a full crowd and everything – just like it used to be.

This Thursday (September 24) at 18:00 UK/13:00 EST/10:00 PST Kerrang! will livestream Touché Amoré’s K! Pit on our Facebook page, as well as posting it on YouTube. Nine songs, an intense crowd, one of the best live bands, and good times. Get involved.

You can pre-order Touché’s new album Lament now.

Keep an eye on Kerrang!’s Twitter and Instagram before then to catch a cheeky glimpse of the action. In the mean time, check out some of these classic K! Pits:

Posted on September 22nd 2020, 6:31pm
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