Misfits Fidget Spinner Main Grande
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You Can Now Buy A Misfits Fidget Spinner

Because of course you can.

Fifteen dollars. That’s what you’ll need to cough up to get a Misfits-branded fidget spinner. Just what you always wanted, right? Right. 

Now, this is Official Merchandise, unlike other spinners you may have seen bearing the names of well-known rock bands. I.e., someone in authority signed off on this. 

Aren’t fidget spinners sort of over, though? And $15? They’re two for a couple of quid at just about every British market. But whatever. It’s your money. And if you want to waste it, you can buy one of these things right here

Misfits Fidget Spinner Main Grande

Let us know how you get on with these tricks, too:

Posted on September 14th 2017, 7:55am
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