twenty one pilots Are Releasing A New Song Soon

twenty one pilots' Tyler Joseph has a new song that he'll be finishing in "a few days", and releasing straight away.

twenty one pilots Are Releasing A New Song Soon
Brad Heaton

Brace yourselves, twenty one pilots fans: it looks like a brand-new song from the Columbus, Ohio duo will be arriving very soon.

It's only been a month and a half since frontman Tyler Joseph and his wife Jenna became parents for the first time to little Rosie, but in between dad duties the musician has also seemingly been working on new music.

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"Always writing, but this one feels like it should just come out now," Tyler tweeted on April 6, before adding that this one is the "first song" he's ever written on an electric guitar, and "it’s simple but hopeful".

"Give me a few days to finish it up," he continued. "Good rule of thumb is to never give yourself a deadline so tweeting about it kind of just added pressure, it’s not done yet."

Given the current global situation regarding coronavirus, Tyler added that he wants "a portion of whatever money this song makes to go to this charity I saw called Crew Nation. It provides funding for people who work in the live music industry who don’t have a job right now.

"No-one knows when live music will get back on its feet," he continued. "I’ve met so many amazing people working venues and touring with bands. Hopefully we can do something to help some through this song."

Finally, he added that he was sending drummer Josh Dun "some files". Best get checking your emails then, Josh…

This new music will be the first since twenty one pilots' 2018 album Trench.

While the pair were on the road early last year for the epic Bandito Tour, Tyler told Kerrang! that he was open to working on ideas for the record's follow-up while they were touring, but that didn't mean new music would be coming imminently.

“I’m always working on songs,” he said. “What I’m doing right now is really just collecting a lot of ideas and a lot of sounds. We have the ability to bring recording gear around the world with us, and so the instruments are there, the tools are there, the resources are the and the inspiration is there. So we’re just kind of collecting ideas right now.

“If anything, writing is tough for me on the road, just because of the logistic reason of vocal rest, and needing to take a break in between shows so that my throat can recover. There’s always going to be a bit of limitation to what it is we’re able to write on the road, just because we’re trying to recover from each night of playing. So we’re not sure what our strategy is, except that while we’re touring, we’re going to make sure that we have a basin to catch all of the cool ideas that may come to us as we’re performing.”

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