Tyler Joseph Confirms twenty one pilots Are Working On Their New Album

The new twenty one pilots album is currently in the works, says frontman Tyler Joseph.

Tyler Joseph Confirms twenty one pilots Are Working On Their New Album
Emily Carter

After pondering earlier this year that twenty one pilots will probably release a new album sooner than planned, frontman Tyler Joseph has revealed that he's working on the record – the follow-up to 2018's Trench – right now.

Taking to his Instagram stories in a super-short new video update, Tyler simply quickly teased, “I'm working on the album,” typically giving no other information than that.

On November 12, in a new video interview with Josh Dun (see below), the drummer explained that the pair are working remotely on new music, given that they both live in different locations – Josh in Los Angeles, Tyler in the band's native Ohio – with the nature of their creative relationship meaning that things maybe take a bit longer than other bands.

“It really is me and Tyler working on this,” Josh says. “I think it probably takes longer than some artists coming out with albums because we don't have other people really helping us. And, also, logistically, we're in different places. We both have our own studios, which is really nice, so he comes up with a lot of stuff at his studio, sends it over to me, and then I come up with some stuff here at my studio and then send it back.”

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For the past year, both Tyler and Josh have alluded to what twenty one pilots are planning next.

The frontman told AltPress that there are “two very different records” that he could make, adding that he “isn’t interested in reacting” to what's going on in the world right now.

“There are two very different records, in my opinion, to be written,” he said. “One being right now and the other one being after that. I don’t know which one I’m going to do first. I have an idea of what I think is next, sonically. It’s just whether or not it’s too big of a risk, I guess.”

Josh, meanwhile, stated back in December 2019 that the duo likely wouldn't do another year-long social media blackout like they did before unveiling Trench.

“I don’t know that there would be a world in which we completely go off the map again,” he said. “Completely going off the grid was tough for both of us in a lot of ways. We’re both wired to always be wanting to do something that pushes us forward.”

Watch Josh's new interview below:

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