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All The Emo Songs Lil Peep Sampled

…in one handy video.

For obvious super sad reasons, we’ve been reporting on Lil Peep a lot recently. Most of our friendship family (followers) over on Facebook have been saddened or at least moved to express condolences on the posts about him, but a segment of naysayers didn’t understand why we would be posting about a rapper.

There’s a separate discussion to be had about the etiquette and motivations behind loudly slagging off a 21 year old who just died because he didn’t comfortably fit into a musical genre, but we’re not going to have that here. Instead we thought we’d show you all that at the literal core of Peep’s music was a nerdy appreciation for mid-to-late 00s emo and metalcore.

Back in February, an enterprising young YouTuber by the name of Diaboli spent what must have been a couple of days working out what tracks Lil Peep sampled and making a video to demonstrate his findings. Here’s the video he made:

The results: Brand New (sampled well before any allegations against frontman Jesse Lacey were made public, we should point out), Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce The Veil, Death Cab For Cutie, The Microphones, Underoath, Modest Mouse, The Postal Service, Tom Delonge, Yppah.

Not a bad haul. Peep certainly knew his stuff.

Posted on December 7th 2017, 4:17pm
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