VISTA Blend Metal, Pop, Goth and More On Their Hypnotic New EP

Exclusive: The latest EP by New York City's VISTA is crossbred sonic powerhouse.

VISTA Blend Metal, Pop, Goth and More On Their Hypnotic New EP

There's something about VISTA's sound that feels inevitable. The New York City three-piece play a sonic melange of styles -- the guitar-based crush of metal, the ominous synths and beats of goth, and on top of it all the soaring pop vocals of frontwoman Hope Vista. The combination is one that fans of all genres are seeing more of today, and the trio's dedication to this sound lands them square in the middle of the fray, blurring the often rigid lines between on culture or another and creating music that aims to scratch several itches at once.

The band's latest EP, The Repair, seeks to refine this technique to a polished point. Even the calmer and more somber of the five tracks on the album are packed to the brim with brooding distortion and thrumming beats, all entrenched in the specific multi-faceted sound which they are championing. Hope's vocals are obviously a big piece of this puzzle, setting the band apart from both typical breathy pop acts as well as commonplace soaring metal vocals. The result is a snapshot of a band spearheading a new form of rock that has the potential to become the standard in the coming years.

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"The Repair is the next piece of The Trilogy era, and revolves around repairing our ruins," say the band. "On the first EP of this era, The Ruins, we went into depth about our personal ruins, including grief, escape, denial, and heartbreak. Each song on this record connects directly to a song on the last EP to showcase that process. The Repair continues the evolution and delves into the process of fixing our broken parts."

Listen to our exclusive stream of VISTA's The Repair below:

VISTA's The Repair EP comes out February 14 and is available for pre-order.

Catch the band live at one of their upcoming dates:


14 The Cellar – Hamden, CT
15 Barney McNabbs – Yonkers, NY
16 Crossroads – Garwood, NJ

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